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Terms & Conditions

How to order:

Once you have discussed your dream wheels with our 6AD Forged local representative we can get to the business of manufacturing them. All orders must be confirmed by email before any deposit is paid. Once the deposit is paid the CAD drawings and testing will confirm in 3D colour the final images of your wheels. Once the final specifications are confirmed in writing the customer must confirm the order by payment in full to start the custom manufacturing process. If there are any changes to the order they must be made prior to the final payment. Once the payment is made the contract between us is binding. Not just as a commitment but you have become part of the 6AD Forged Family. As with family there is a powerful bond, trust and loyalty.. oh and not forgetting obligatory family photos! Our customer care experience is second to none. You can reach us by whatsapp, phone, email or website.

  • All orders are based on the following information and must be confirmed in writing by email prior to the order being finalised:

    • wheel design (X.XX or X.XXX)

    • diameter, width, offset (front and rear) and centre bore

    • centre cap colour and whether you would like the logo engraved and in colour or the same colour as the face

    • centre cap style (flat / raised / custom logo)

    • finish and colour of face

    • finish and colour of lip (flat, stepped or euro style)

    • finish, colour and location of hardware

    • location of valve; in front of face or behind

    • Your vehicle info including Manufacturer, Model, Year and other relevant specific information including but not limited to e.g. custom parts or body kit. You must inform us of upgraded brakes (including ceramic brakes) or suspension system that deviate from manufacturer’s specifications.

    • Any custom requirements e.g. personalised engraving on the wheel face.

  • Failure to confirm these details may result in fitment issues of which 6AD Forged will neither be responsible or liable for if this is a direct result of undisclosed or inaccurate deviation from the vehicles original specification.

  • All changes must be confirmed in writing by a 6AD Forged local representative.

  • Confirmation in final payment of the invoice order constitutes your agreement and acceptance of responsibility that the specific information will correctly fit the intended vehicle based on the details you have supplied. Remember each wheel is custom made. This is not a bulk item. So it is up to the customer to confirm fitment with the supplied information and it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility. If there are any issues at all we will do our best to rectify them but at the discretion of 6AD Forged.



What do the model numbers mean?

Each 6AD Forged Wheel has a code:

Eg 6AD 1.60

The first number (before the decimal) is either “1” for MONO or “2” for MULTI piece wheels (2 or 3 piece). The unique model design number is the 2 or 3 number after the decimal place (1.xx or So any design can be made in a MONO (1 piece) or MULTI piece design (2 or 3 piece). The choice is yours!



What is the warranty policy?
  • 3 year warranty – on the structure of the wheels to the original purchaser. All 6AD Forged  wheels purchased in new condition are free from defects in materials and/or workmanship from 60 cm visual inspection due to the fine machining nature.

  • 6 months warranty from the original purchase date on the manufacturer’s paint or powder coat finishes (not transferable to any future parties). This does not cover lacquer, brushed or polished finishes.

  • Warranty on the structure and finish is limited to the repair or replacement of wheels at the discretion of 6AD Forged for any wheels determined to be covered under warranty. 6AD Forged Wheels does not offer road collision warranty. This warranty does not extend to damage due to accidental damage, neglect, potholes, road debris, collisions or harsh chemicals (including acid based cleaning products).

  • Tyre / wheel width combinations must fall within those recommended by the tyre manufacturer to maintain warranty. Damage as a result of improper tyre sizes or improper tyre load requirements will not be covered under warranty. Maintaining proper tyre inflation is essential in reducing unnecessary stress to the wheel over time.

  • 6AD Forged Wheels that have been modified or repaired in any form are not covered by warranty.

  • Damages as a result of improper installation or mounting with non-approved hardware are not covered by the warranty.

  • This warranty does not extend to damages as a result of improper shipping or handling.

  • All warranty claims must be sent in writing by email to with relevant pictures. Once our local representative has acknowledged your email we will provide you a warranty reference number which must be quoted in every correspondence thereafter. The process of warranty review can take up to 4 weeks. 6AD Forged will not be liable for any shipping costs involved for any warranty claims; this includes any expenses as a result of removal, installation, or loss of use. Any expenses covered will be at the discretion of 6AD Forged and determined case-by-case. Once accepted a warranty claim will involve you returning the wheels properly packed and safely transported at your cost. Once received, we will inspect the product to confirm the issue is as the result of poor workmanship or materials. If is agreed that the fault is with workmanship or materials we will rectify or replace the relevant components free of charge however, If it is found that the issue is not due to workmanship or materials but rather user neglect or error, then no warranty work will take place under our warranty and the wheels will remain at our factory for you to arrange collection/transportation. Wherever possible we will endeavour to ensure your complete satisfaction. Let us see what we can do to help you.   



What if I have problems with fitment?
  • If there are any problems please contact your local representative. We will endeavour to assess and assist in any way we can.

  • If the problem is in fact a valid fitment issue (incorrect diameter, PCD, width, offset as agreed in the final order) we will collect and rectify the issue at our expense.

  • This does not warrant cancellation or refund.

  • Our recommendation is that you test fit your wheels prior to tyre fitting and contact us for guidance and we will as always endeavour to rectify the situation to your satisfaction. Any damage to the wheel through improper use or handling will invalidate warranty as per warranty policy but does not affect your rights if a valid fitment issue is discovered.


What is the returns policy?
  • Your unique set of 6AD Forged Wheels is custom made to you and your requirements.

  • Please see the ordering information to ensure you have supplied all the correct information prior to making final payment. The deposit is non-refundable.

  • Once final payment is made the order may not be cancelled as you have entered into a binding agreement.

  • The wheels cannot be returned and there is no cooling off period.



How long will delivery take?
  • The process of conception to final invoice can take 1-2 week depending on your vision.

  • The manufacturing time is 8 - 10 weeks depending on the complexity of the design and the level of customisation.

  • Delivery time is approximately 2 - 4 weeks worldwide and is FREE. Any costs incurred through customs will be borne by the buyer.

  • Your wheels will be made as efficiently as possible. We have a complex work stream and numerous orders being fulfilled in a timely manner. We will aim to keep within our time frames stated above but there may be unforeseen circumstances and delivery times may need review. We will inform you throughout the build process. At no point does this allow the customer cancellation rights and final payment is agreement of this. 6AD Forged will not be responsible for additional costs incurred due to delayed delivery.

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