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At 6AD Forged we take sponsorship very seriously. It's a big part of our mission statement. To make forged wheels available to all. Our founding team felt that aftermarket Forged wheels were just too expensive and for everyone to enjoy the quality, strength and light weight nature of Forged wheels something had to be done. The sponsorship route is how. 

To apply for sponsorship there are no long applications forms - just send in a contact form or email us on If you have an IG then send us the link or attach some pictures of your car. 

Once your vehicle is accepted please contact our team as you would any normal order. The entire process is exactly the same as purchasing a set of 6AD Forged alloy wheels. You will receive 40% off the price of your wheels and the next step after deposit payment is to receive colour 3D CAD images. Once these are finalised then the Sponsorship deal is confirmed by final payment. At this point your wheels enter the build phase of the process. The last part is the painful part.. waiting for your new dream wheels to arrive.

Benefits of a Sponsorship deal:

1. 40% off the price of a Forged set of 6AD Forged alloy wheels.

2. 5 professional photos of your wheels once your build is finished by a local professional car photographer.

3. Membership to the 6AD Forged Sponsorship Family.

4. All 6AD Forged wheels make you eligible for the Referrals Programme. 

Your responsibilities:

1. Love your wheels and show them off at every opportunity. 

2. Clean, maintain and give them a kiss every night.

3. Review us in a positive light online and in person at car shows and meets (if you have any problems at all please contact us first we are always here available by phone, whatsapp or email T+C's apply). 

4. Post your 5 pictures online on social media or FB. Tag us too @6ADForgedwheels.

5. Let us know if you want to shoot a short video once your build is complete.

6. You must not sell your wheels within 12 months of purchasing. After 12 months your commitment to our family is your choice... but before you go please see our referrals for more rewards.


Once you buy a set of 6AD Forged wheels you will receive a unique referral code. Give this referral code to 5 friends and once they have completed their final payments your next set of wheels is FREE!* Our aim is to make these wheels more affordable and for people with big dreams and big hearts your reward is a free new set of Forged alloy wheels. That's certainly one way of ensuring you get a new pair of shoes for next years show season. Or perhaps just another set of wheels for the hell of it!

Refer 5 friends and your next set of 6ADForged wheels FREE. Every owner is eligible.*

*T+C's apply.

** Sponsorship wheels are excluding 3 piece wheels.

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