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Aerospace grade engineered FORGED, premium light-weight alloy wheels



Our mission:
To specialise in Forged Wheels and bring a new level of personalisation and customisation. We want your build to be different.*


At 6AD Forged we specialise in FORGED alloy wheels. We don’t make cast or hybrid/flow forged rims. Why? We don’t want to compromise on weight, strength and quality. Plus we want you to enjoy FORGED quality. What does Forged mean?  Each monoblock wheel is fashioned from 1 solid block of aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminium. With over 20 years in wheel design our team will work with you to perfect your vision. The 3D CAD drawn design then undergoes finite element analysis to ensure each wheel is perfectly formed without compromising structural integrity and rigidity. Each wheel is then precision milled by one of our 96 processing centres (CNC machined) to each customer’s specific requirements. There is no build slot or delay. When you are ready to design your dream wheel we are waiting for you. 

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6AD Forged wheels are made by a select group of enthusiasts and engineers with a passion for modifying cars. Stance car projects to cars that live happily on track (and take 10,000 tons of force). Every design is one that we would use on our cars. There are no wheels for the masses just classic styles and powerful rim designs. Our designs are all both current and timeless. you can rock our sets this show season and for the next 10 years. We like to customise each set so no 2 sets are the same. Have a idea for a wheel design why not contact us and see what our wheel designers can do? Even our existing designs are custom made so that each wheel has a unique profile and look due to the custom widths and offsets. We can make 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece wheels upto 26". We also offer 4x4 applications. Our mission is to put more sets of beautiful forged rims on more cars. Simple.  Join the 6AD crew and welcome to the family. 

** Check out out our T+C's below. 

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